Baek Ji Young Releases Music Video” Fervor” Featuring Scenes from Hyun Bin’s “The Fatal Encounter”

The music video for Baek Ji Young’s latest single, “Fervor,” has been released, to tie in with the movie “The Fatal Encounter.” The movie, which stars Hyun Bin, has been a massive box office hit since it hit the big screen in Korea last week.

Baek Ji Young_Fireworks

The “Fervor” video features scenes from the movie, and will no doubt remind fans of the 2010 SBS drama, “Secret Garden,” where both Baek Ji Young and Hyun Bin contributed slightly different versions of the song “That Man/Woman” to the soundtrack. Baek Ji Young even made a brief screen cameo in one episode of the hit series.

This month is shaping up to be a busy one for Baek Ji Young. The singer is set to release a second new single on May 19th, entitled “Still Hot.” The new material is Baek Ji Young’s first since August last year, when she contributed the song “I’m Just Crying” to the soundtrack of KBS drama “Good Doctor.”

What do you think of Baek Ji Young’s new song? Check out the video below and let us know!

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