[Contest] Challenge Others with Your “Show Us Your K-Pop” Entry + FAQ

Hey Soompiers!

We’ve announced the “Show Us Your K-Pop” contest a little less than a week ago and, boy, were we impressed with the submissions! We want to highlight a few of the many different ways Soompiers showed us their K-Pop world! (Check the image above!)

Please note that we are still accepting submissions (deadline is end of Tuesday, May 13) and these photos are only a handful of the great submissions that you’ll get to see in Round 1!

We’ve included the FAQ section below to help answer some of the most common questions. Let us know if you have questions that aren’t answered here, and we’ll try to add on more that would be useful to you!^^

FAQ  || Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is “Show Us Your K-Pop”?
A: It’s a fun and friendly contest where Soompiers can show one another what makes up their K-Pop world. Did you check our announcement page? Some useful stuff over there.

Q: I added the Soompi Contest account. Now what?
A: You should get a message that “Show Us Your K-Pop” is still accepting submissions. Press 1 to start.

Q: What’s the photo size limit?
A: There isn’t a size limit, but the upload time might be longer if the photo exceeds 1000 pixels. It’s a good reference number.

Q: I submitted my photo, but I don’t see it! Why?
A: It will take some time before the photo is viewable. Please be patient and you’ll see your entry soon!

Q: I see my photo now, but it comes out different.
A: There seems to be a slight glitch for the submission phase, but your photo will come out well for Round 1.

Q: Can I submit more than 1 photo?
A: 1 photo per participant. If there are several photos from one person, we will pick a random photo.

Q: Can I submit a video?
A: Photos only for this contest.

Q: When will Round 1 start?
A: We are currently accepting submissions until the end of Tuesday, May 13 at 11:59 p.m. (KST). After reviewing the entries, we will announce the start of Round 1, which should be mid-late May. Stay tuned!

Q: Can I vote in Round 1 if I don’t participate?
A: Yes you can! However, why not participate as well as it’s easy and a great way to show off your K-Pop world.^^

Q: How do I vote for an entry in Round 1?
A: You can only vote through our Soompi Contest account on LINE.


  1. Download LINE
  2. Add two accounts: Soompi + Soompi Contest (QR Code)
  3. You’ll automatically receive a message to participate from Soompi Contest!
  4. Follow the few steps from Soompi Contest account, submit your K-Pop photo and voila! Done.^^

Soompi Account

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Soompi Contest Account

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