EXO’s Tao and Lay Take Friendly Selcas with SM’s Lee Soo Man

Tao and Lay, members of male group EXO, have shared happy selcas taken together with the founding chairman of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man.

On May 9, the two idols uploaded photos on their Instagram accounts. Lay kept his title short and simple, “Mister Lee Soo Man,” whereas Tao expressed his strong affection for their boss, “Love Love Love boss~^_^ I love you~ I love you^_^”

The selcas show the young stars smiling brightly next to Lee Soo Man, who is also flashing his father-like smile for the camera. Seems like the two EXO members wanted to capture the meaningful moment and share their excitement with all fans of the SM family.

In related news, Lee Soo Man flew to China on May 8 to announce the collaboration of SM Entertainment and portal site Baidu.