Lee Jong Suk Shows He Is Close With Senior Actor Through Back Hug

A photo of actor Lee Jong Suk giving a back hug to a senior actor has been captured on the set of “Doctor Stranger.” In the photo, Lee Jong Suk can be seen hugging the senior actor from behind, both actors in a great mood with bright smiles on their faces.

SBS’s Monday – Tuesday drama “Doctor Stranger” is a drama with an exciting storyline and exceptional production quality, about  a passionate genius doctor named Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) who was born in North Korea and raised in the South. On May 11, one day before the broadcast date of episode three, a still cut of Lee Jong Suk giving a back hug to Choi Jung Woo was revealed. Senior actor Choi Jung Woo plays the role of Moon Hyung Wook, who is the director of the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery unit at Myungwoo University Hospital.

The photo of the back hug was captured between cuts during the filming for a scene in which the two were showing intense anger at one another. It has been receiving attention due to the unexpected chemistry and friendly nature displayed between the two actors that viewers did not think would match well at all.

People who saw the picture couldn’t help but smile, due to the surprising chemistry and friendliness shown between the two actors, which is difficult to see between their characters within the drama. In another photo, Choi Jung Woo appears to have a bloody nose, raising viewers’ curiosity as to what happened between the actors.

The dynamics of the two characters are much like “Tom and Jerry,” as they bicker and go head-to-head very often. Expectations are rising for the development of their interactions in the drama, especially after the release of these photos.

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