Hyun Bin Reveals the Secrets to How He Achieved His Back Muscles for “The Fatal Encounter”
The lead actor of the movie “The Fatal Encounter,” Hyun Bin, revealed a special behind-the-scenes story about how he achieved his body, particularly his back.

On May 10, Lotte Entertainment posted a video on their official Facebook page about how hard the three male lead actors worked and trained in order to show good results for the movie’s end product. The part of the video where a trainer explained Hyun Bin’s discipline and training for his body garnered the most interest.

Trainer Lee Chang Hoon shared, “Hyun Bin said he wanted to train in only a way that was possible during the Joseon Dynasty time period. When I saw his body on the day of filming, I realized that he made the right decision.”

In the video, Hyun Bin can be seen using stairs, rope, and exercises on the ground to work out his back muscles, instead of using gym equipment.

One of the main reasons that Hyun Bin’s character of King Jeongjo became a hot topic was because of his back muscles, depicting the king as good looking with a fit body. Of all the portrayals of King Jeongjo that have been shown in the past, Hyun Bin’s portrayal has upgraded the king’s physical appearance.

In other related news, “The Fatal Encounter” recorded an accumulated attendance of over three million moviegoers on May 11.
Hyun Bin