Hyun Bin Upset By Audience Reactions to His Movie

Hyun Bin has recently expressed his thoughts of the audience reactions to his latest film, “The Fatal Encounter.”

On May 12, Hyun Bin spoke with OSEN and said, “I am a bit upset over the audience’s reaction. I think there’s a difference in perspective.”

He continued, “After the press conference, there were bad reviews but I didn’t watch the movie yet at the time so I didn’t know. But after I watched the movie, I thought that there was a misunderstanding. I’m not saying this because it’s my film. I just think it’s a difference in perspective.”

“There are many people with different point of views. I think the movie might make the people, who followed the character of Jung Jo through dramas and other character portrals, feel betrayed. But since the beginning, the director’s intention was to show the people the character himself. That’s why the movie needed so many flashbacks,” the star said.

Hyun Bin continued, “After the movie was released, I was a bit upset because I thought the movie should have put a little basic information into the storyline since there were fictional aspects that were added onto such a historical event. But because there wasn’t anything like that, I think some people may have been disappointed. For example, people might say, ‘Why is a grandmother so young?’ and it would be a complete difference in perspective. I think the director is upset about that too.”

“I knew from the beginning that this movie wasn’t about Jung Jo when I chose to do it. And although fictional aspects were added to something that actually happened, this film is about each character’s life and destiny mixing together so if the film were to only follow Jung Jo’s emotions, I think many people may feel betrayed by that as well. I think it would’ve been better if people went in to see the movie with more facts,” he added.

Meanwhile, “The Fatal Encounter” hit theaters on April 30 and is ranking high in the box office.