Kara Reveals First Potential New Member

With Kara selecting new group members though a reality show “Kara Project,” the first potential member has been revealed as Sojin.

DSP Media recently revealed that after a discussion between the other KARA members (Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon and Goo Hara) they have decided to recruit new members into the group through reality show KARA Project.”

The six episodes series is scheduled to begin airing on May 27 at 6pm. In addition, the final episode will be broadcasted live and fans will be able to vote for the new member.

It has been said that seven trainees of DSP Media, who have been trained for many years, will be appearing on “KARA Project.” We can likely expect teasers of the other members to be released in the new few days.



Yesterday, leader Gyuri apologized to fans about their whole situation of having to add new members.