Crayon Pop Star Gummi’s Driver’s License Shown on Reality TV Show

There was a surprise in store for Crayon Pop star Gummi in the latest episode of KBS2 reality show “Let’s Go Dream Team 2,” when her driver’s license was revealed before the cameras.

The card was shown prior to an event called “Racing Queen,” were female participants in the show were asked to compete against each other in a motor race simulator.

However, the audience was first puzzled as to who the license card belonged to, as it featured the singer’s real name, Baek Bo Ram. The audience was also shown pictures of other participants’ license cards, including Spica’s Narae and LPG’s Rahi.

Crayon Pop’s most recent single was “Uh-ee,” released on April 1 this year. “Let’s Go Dream Team 2” airs every Sunday at 10:40 a.m.

You can check out what happened when Gummi’s driver’s license was shown here.