YG’s “WIN” Team B Members Bobby and B.I to Audition for “Show Me the Money 3”

Members Bobby and B.I of Team B from YG Entertainment‘s survival show “WIN” have been confirmed as contestants for MNet’s “Show Me the Money 3!”

A source in the broadcasting industry revealed to news outlet Star News on May 14 that Bobby and B.I will be participating in the show as rookie rappers.

The two YG trainees gained popularity last year through MNet’s survival show “WHO IS NEXT : WIN.” While Team B ended up losing to Team A with a small margin, fans have been constantly waiting for updates on Team B’s future activities.

Bobby and B.I were both praised for their charming voices and skillful rapping during the show, and they have continued to polish their skills after the show ended. To challenge themselves and gain more experience, the two decided to apply for “Show Me the Money 3,” which is known for bringing together the most talented rappers for a heated competition.

The upcoming season is looking very promising, with Dok2 and The Quiett first confirming their appearance as producers/judges, followed by Yang Dong Geun’s announcement, and finally the addition of San E, Swings, and Tablo.

“Show Me the Money 3” will air its first episode in July.