YG Entertainment Asks “Who’s Next”

YG Entertainment has begun teasing their next big comeback (or debut) on their blog YG-Life

The image which features clouds and space in the background asks “WHO’S NEXT?

Last time they asked fans this, YG featured the amazingly successful debut of Akdong Musician

As 2NE1 already made a comeback a few months ago,the likely candidates are WINNER, PSY and BIGBANG.

Last month there was news of WINNER working on their debut music video.

PSY was also said to be in the final stages of his album two months ago. (Remember that old teaser photo of PSY, Snoop Lion and G-Dragon at Karaoake with older women)

BIGBANG, on the other hand, previously stated they would be making a summer comeback.

Who do you think it will be this time?