[LIVE Stream] MBC Music Core 05.17.14: Comeback Stages by EXO-K, G.NA, Wheesung, Debuts by Hyosung, BTL

♬ Comeback Stage
EXO-K – “Overdose”
Wheesung – “I Don’t want to know”- “Night and Day”
G.NA – “G.Na’s Secret”
4MEN – “Erase”
JungGiGo – “Want U”

♬ HOT Debut
Hyosung – “I Hate Night Time”- “Good-Night Kiss”
BTL(Beyond The Limit) – “Too-G”

♬ Hot Stage
Baek Ji-young – “Fervor”
A-Pink – “Mr.Chu”
NS Yoon-G – “If I Love You”

♬ Sound-HOLIC
NC.A – “I’m different”
Eddy Kim – “The Manual”
Tint – “Wolf is Stupid”

♬ New Song
Jeon Eun-jin – “Love, Springtime”
M.Pire – “Not That kind of Person”
Mr.Mr. – “BIG MAN”