Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi Reunite after Seven Years During Script Reading of “The Joseon Gunman”

“The Joseon Gunman” (aka “The Joseon Shooter”) revealed pictures of the recent script reading, displaying the actors’ earnestness and joy.

With filming starting soon for the new KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Joseon Gunman,” the staff and actors were practicing the script at a KBS annex in Yeouido. The cast starts off with the two heroes Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi, and also includes the following actors: Jeon Hye Bin, Han Ju Wan, Choi Jae Sung, Yoo Oh Sung, Choi Jong Won, Ahn Seok Hwan, Lee Min Woo and Lee Dong Hwi.

As soon as Lee Jun Ki entered the practice room, he greeted his fellow actors with his unique and bright smile and shook each of their hands. He even expressed special joy after meeting Nam Sang Mi after seven years.

Before the start of the script reading, director Kim Jung Min of “The Princess’s Man” introduced Lee Jun Ki. Lee Jun Ki shot up, overflowing with confidence and revealed while giving off strong determination, “All of the colleagues here will be spending this hot summer together. Meeting all of you like this makes it seem like it will be okay if I just do my best. I will study and work hard without rest to the point where there are rumors that I’m the hardest working actor.”

The actors started practicing in earnest and all became immersed in the script to the point of their faces turning red, and sweat beads started forming on Lee Jun Ki’s forehead. Lee Jun Ki emitted a manly strength while talking to Choi Jae Sung, who plays his father Park Jin Han, and while talking with Nam Sang Mi, who plays the role of Jung Soo In, both of them gave off romantic energy.

The staff took advantage of their break time, asking Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi to pose together. Lee Jun Ki joked, “If I had known this was going to happen, I would have come here looking cooler.” The two held up their scripts with peace signs. People are looking forward to the perfect chemistry between the two main actors, who also appeared together in the drama “The Time Between Dog and Wolf” seven years ago.

“The Joseon Gunman” is an “emotional-action-romance” drama during the Joseon enlightenment period that depicts the process of Park Yoon Kang, Joseon’s last swordsman, as he becomes a heroic gunman. The drama will jump to filming after the script reading and plans to air its first episode on June 25.