Gary Asks If He Can Love All Four Song Ji Hyo on “Running Man”

This week’s episode of the SBS Sunday variety show “Running Man” took the cast back to the past in a special time-traveling episode. The members of “Running Man” re-did the December 25, 2011 episode which was a “super power” episode.

While Gary had the “roll roll” duplicating power last time, Song Ji Hyo had it this time around, allowing her to “duplicate” three more versions of herself. In all there were four Song Ji Hyo running around and when Gary caught up with them, he couldn’t hide his love for all version of his “Monday Couple” partner. 

Gary exclaimed, “You guys are cute,” when he saw all four of Song Ji Hyo. He also grabbed Song Ji Hyo’s hand and asked, “Can I love all four of you?” Later as they were running past him, Gary called out, “I love you. I love you, too. I love you, too.”

song ji hyo gary running man