On Joo Wan Gives Song Seung Hun Advice on Getting Naked

On Joo Wan has stated that he thinks the movie “Obsessed,” in which fellow actor Song Seung Hun’s buttocks make an appearance, will be a box office success.

Joo Wan, who has become known as the “Nude Scene Senior” due to the number of movies in which he’s shown skin (“The Peter Pan Formula,” “The Five,”), recalls Song Seung Hun’s discomfort at the idea of filming a sex scene and that he gave Song Seung Hun the following advice: “Everything is hard the first time. Once you’ve gotten that part over with, you’ll be able to do anything.”

Furthermore, Joo Wan made a pledge to ensure a good turnout in theatres. At a recent press preview for the film, the actor said “To me, this seems like a story about a long-time love… The director called it an illicit affair, but who wouldn’t be fatally addicted to his or her first love?” He then promised that if total attendance passed five million, he would swim across the Han River. About this, he quipped “Last time I promised to swim across the Han River if more than five million people watch ‘Obsessed’… but if more than five million people come, why do I have to show my butt in public?”