2PM’s Nichkhun Travels to Switzerland for “Allure”

2PM’s Nichkhun traveled to Switzerland for the first time.

Recently, Nichkhun traveled to several small cities that aren’t well known to many people. He visited places such as St. Gallen, Lugano, Ascona and Gandaria and did photo shoots with their exotic landscape as the background.

Although Nichkhun spends half of the year performing activities overseas, he explained that it’s very rare for him to enjoy himself while traveling. He explained that, “Even when I travel overseas, I’m either at the hotel or at the concert hall so there hasn’t been a time where I was able to really feel that country’s culture or food.”

Continuing on, he expressed that, “Although I like to go to the beach and go tanning, sometimes, I want to travel around without a map. One day, I want to go on a backpacking trip by myself to Europe.”