Lee Yeon Hee Transforms into a Doll for Sure Magazine

Actor Lee Yeon Hee’s fashion pictorials have been recently revealed by Sure magazine. She will appear on the front cover for the June issue of Sure.

In the revealed pictorials, Lee Yeon Hee showed several different personalities, such as funk, lady-like, and girlish. She was able to act out a detailed and natural expression in every cut. Although she had to move between indoor and outdoor sets, as soon as she heard the shutter, she was able to quickly control her emotions. Lee Yeon Hee showed professionalism as she was able to express the clothes that she wore while being in sync with the music.

After the photo shoot, Lee Yeon Hee left for her trip to Hawaii. When she comes back from her trip, she is planning on looking over movie and drama scripts.

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lee yeon hee_sure

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