“Running Man” Song Ji Hyo Rocks Sexy Sporty with Attitude

It was previously announced that actress and variety star Song Ji Hyo was working with the NBA to release her own cap series called “CHO.2” in a collaboration called, “NBA X Song Ji Hyo.” Known for creating basketball merchandise, NBA’s collaboration with Song Ji Hyo brings about a different style than the usual sports affiliated look, and the newly released style spread proves it.

“CHO.2” stands for two Chinese characters that sum up the actress’ motto “to never lose the original heart so that you will do everything.” The motto matches perfectly with the actress who is often seen trying new things and doing her best. This is reflected in the spread where Song Ji Hyo dons different styles of caps (HyFlat, Flippop, Military, etc.) with effortless ease and versatility.

song ji hyo nba 9

song ji hyo nba 3

song ji hyo nba 4

song ji hyo nba 5

song ji hyo nba 6

song ji hyo nba 7

song ji hyo nba 8

song ji hyo nba 1

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