Younha Can Tell When Celebrities Have Feelings for Each Other?

Solo artist Younha has revealed that she tends to notice when two stars have something special going on.

On the latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” she discussed her long-term career as not only a singer, but also a radio show host.

MC Yoon Jung Shin opened up the discussion on the intimate atmosphere in the booth, “The radio is a good place for showing your affection. Isn’t it only the DJ and the guests in the booth?”

Younha agreed by saying, “That’s right. After getting over the awkwardness and having a conversation, they even change their contact information. Sometimes I can tell that the guests have romantic feelings towards each other. The more I do it, the more I notice it.”

MC Kim Guk Jin asked, “Have you ever liked someone?” to which Younha honestly replied, “I have.” Hearing this, MC Kyuhyun continued by asking, “Have you ever written something next to your script?” 

Younha answered, “I don’t do such low-level things,” and evoked laughter with her comment.