Hip-hop group M.I.B successfully completed their four Japanese concerts in Osaka and Tokyo held on May 17 and May 18, bringing out 6000 fans.

Titled “M.I.B Crazy Live in 2014 Boom! Boom! Up!“, M.I.B performed over 20 songs at each concert including their singles “G.D.M,” “Celebrate,” and “Chisa Bounce.”

The members even planned events for their fans, cross-dressing and putting on animal costumes.

M.I.B also announced during their last concert on May 18 that they will be performing live on July 12 at the Tokyo Differ Ariake Arena.

M.I.B will be participating in “KBS Music Bank in Brazil” next month in Brazil, along with many other groups such as SHINeeMBLAQ, Infinite, and Ailee.

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M.i.b japanese concert