Jin Se Yeon and Kang Sora Share Cute Photos of Their Friendship While on Set of “Doctor Stranger”

Although Jin Se Yeon and Kang Sora may possibly be rivals on SBS‘ “Doctor Stranger,” the two actresses are nothing but cute friends on the set of filming. Recent photos that were released showed the two playing around with each other by being goofy and making expressions in between filming breaks. Although four years apart in age, the two actresses seemed to be getting along quite well as the photos portrayed their silly personalities.

jin se yeon

With Jin Se Yeon’s short and wavy hairstyle contrasted with Kang Sora’s long and straight hair, the characters of the two actresses also seemed to be complete opposites of each other, creating expectation for future medical battles. Nonetheless, the photos of Jin Se Yeon and Kang Sora being cute and silly described their good relationship on the set of the drama.

SBS’ “Doctor Stranger”airs every Monday and Tuesdays at 10 PM (KST).