L Makes Cosplaying Pledge for Dongwoo and Sungyeol If Infinite Wins No.1 with “Last Romeo”

The May 25 episode of MBC’s weekly entertainment news show “Section TV” took viewers behind the scenes of Infinite‘s showcase for their new album, “Season 2.”

During the interview, member L made a pledge that if the group won first place on a music show with their title track “Last Romeo,” member Dongwoo will dress up as Juliet and Sungyeol as Romeo. “Please work hard,” he added with a smile as Dongwoo laughed in the background.

Infinite returned with their new album on May 21, and the group embarked on a three-country (Japan, Taiwan, Korea) showcase tour starting May 19.

Do you think Sungyeol and Dongwoo will make a good Romeo and Juliet?

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