“Superman Returns'” Haru Asks If She Can Buy G-Dragon

On the May 25 episode of KBS’ Sunday variety show “Superman Returns,” rapper Tablo‘s daughter, Haru, brought laughter to viewers with her question produced from her young innocence and fangirling heart.

On this day, Haru called her dad, Tablo, who was in Osaka, Japan for a concert. Haru asked for herself and her mom, Kang Hye Jung, “Dad, can we go there?”, making plans to visit Osaka.

Actress Kang Hye Jung asked her husband, “I have something to buy; can I use your credit car?” Tablo responded by pretending he couldn’t hear her question, saying, “The reception was bad, and I couldn’t hear you.”

Haru also asked her dad if she could buy something- one of her favorite things in the word, the dolphin, to which her father granted.She also asked, “Can I buy Kwon Ji Yong oppa with your card?”, bringing laughter to everyone who heard. Kwon Ji Yong is G-Dragon‘s real name, and Haru has shown herself to be a fangirl of G-Dragon in the past. 

Tablo responded humorously, “You can’t buy Kwon Ji Yong with my card. He will exceed my credit limit.”

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