Miss A’s Jia and Fei Show Support to “China line” EXO Members

Despite coming from different entertainment agencies, the Chinese members of Miss A and EXO show that their friendship knows no boundaries.

On May 24, Miss A members Jia and Fei attended the first solo concert of the group EXO and took a photo with Chinese members Luhan and Tao. Jia and Tao are known to be good friends and members of “China line,” what they call their group of friends who are Chinese artists in Korea. Other members include Lay, Luhan, former EXO member Kris, f(x)’s Victoria and Amber, as well as TASTY’s Daeryong and Soryong.

Fei uploaded the photo of her and Jia taken with Luhan and Tao both to her Weibo and Twitter accounts, spreading to everyone how happy they were to see their fellow Chinese members perform on their first concert, writing, “EXO concert was really jjang jjang jjang (great)~~ It was so exciting~”

Look! They even seem to wear coordinated outfits with each other, albeit unintentionally. Ain’t that cute?