2NE1 Members Are Jealous of Bom’s “Roommates”?

It seems like the members of 2NE1- CL, Dara, and Minzy– are starting to miss Bom now that she’s spending more time at the sharehouse for the show “Roommate.”

On the May 25 broadcast of the SBS Good Sunday show, the girls of 2NE1 got to say how they feel about Bom being in the show.

Dara followed Bom around and said that whenever the girls meet, all that Bom talks about is “Roommate.” CL shared her sentiments too, saying, “There wasn’t a time that she took care of us. But she said that she has to do things for the members of ‘Roommate’.” To this, Bom quickly explained, “It’s because I’m representing 2NE1.”

Dara added more fuel to the fire (and fun) by saying, “She even gave blood circulation stickers to the ‘Roommate’ members!,” which startled CL even more. Earlier in the show, Bom gave her roommate Park Min Woo a blood circulation sticker which she puts on herself as well to help with blood circulation.

Hope the girls of 2NE1 aren’t sad and jealous of the roommates anymore. Remember, Bom is doing this for the group!

 2NE1 Roommate