Jin Se Yeon Changes Her Sweet Image with See-Through Clothing for InStyle

Actress Jin Se Yeon shows a reversal of her usual charms.

In the SBS drama Doctor Stranger,” Jin Se Yeon plays two roles, both of them romantically involved with Lee Jong Suk. In the drama, Jin Se Yeon displays an elegant image, but her sexiness radiates with this shocking see-through look.

Fashion magazine InStyle revealed Jin Se Yeon’s pictorial on May 26 and commented, “Jin Se Yeon’s overflowing mature beauty is shown by adding smoking makeup to her daring see-through look. She daringly chopped her hair off to have a bobbed cut for her drama, and while she has chic expressions, she didn’t forget her bright smile, and her pictorial is completed with her various charms.”

Jin Se Yeon revealed her thoughts in an interview about playing two roles during the photo shoot.

Jin Se Yeon truthfully stated, “It is the first time I am attempting to play two roles through “Doctor Stranger,” but my personality has a lot more in common with the naive Song Jae Hee rather than the haughty Han Seung Hee, so it is comfortable to act.”

InStyle asked Jin Se Yeon what she likes to do normally, and Jin Se Yeon added, “When I am at home resting, I play the piano. While I am not good like Yoo Ah In is in “Secret Love Affair,” I bought Yuhki Kuramoto’s sheet music and I practice really hard.”




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