Park Ji Sung Will Be Appearing on “Running Man”

The retired soccer player, Park Ji Sung, has filmed an episode of SBSRunning Man.”

On May 26, a staff of “Running Man” revealed that Park Ji Sung will be a guest on a future episode.

Park Ji Sung and the members of “Running Man” filmed at Seoul, Mok-Dong, but it hasn’t been revealed as to what kind of concept they were filming. However, it was confirmed that the members will be attending the Asian Dream cup 2014, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 2.

Continuing on, the staff said, “There are no other guest other than Park Ji Sung. The episode is planned to air during the beginning of June.”

Park Ji Sung appeared on “Running Man” for the 2013 Asian Dream cup qualification race, where he was able to show his soccer skills as well as his sense of humor. This episode gained a lot of attention as the topic of his relationship with the former SBS announcer, Kim Min Ji, was discussed. During May of 2012, Park Ji Sung appeared on “Running Man” for the Asian Dream Cup.

Many viewers are looking forward to this episode because of Park Ji Sung’s deep relationship with the members of “Running Man.”