Akdong Musician Will Make a Guest Appearance at IU’s Concert

The nation’s little sister IU and nation’s siblings Akdong Musician will soon be standing on one stage. Akdong Musician have quickly gained popularity this spring and the sister of the group Soo Hyun revealed in a recent interview that she was a big fan of IU. Through this, IU personally asked Soo Hyun to appear at her concert as a guest, creating a beautiful collaboration.

According to one official, Akdong Musician will be the guest for a day at IU’s solo concert, “Just One Step…Just As Much As That” held next week. It has been revealed that Soo Hyun of Akdong Musician expressed her affection towards IU through many interviews, leading to IU’s extending of a personal invitation towards the siblings.

The small theater concert, “Just One Step..Just As Much As That,” opened on May 22 and will end on June 1. The concert will last for two weeks and will be held every Thursday to Sunday, for a total of eight shows. The skilled singer has put on an amazing performance every show, capturing the hearts of many fans.

Meanwhile, Akdong Musician has been picked as the rookies who will be most successful this spring. During the first week that Akdong Muscisian’s song was released, they placed first on Melon’s “Artist Top 20” and “Album Top 20″ and remained first for five weeks in various sections.