Idols Mingle, Play, and Provide Fanservice at the “Idol Futsal World Cup”

The recording of MBC’s upcoming sports special “Idol Futsal World Cup” took place on May 26 at KBS Sportsworld. Over 100 celebrities participated, including members from BEAST, Infinite, EXO, ZE:A, miss A, SISTAR, Nine Muses, After School, Secret, Rainbow, K-Much, Teen Top, U-KISS, Block B, VIXX, GOT7, and Boys Republic. TV personalities Kim Heung Kook, Sam Hammington, Ricky Kim, and Fabian, actors Lee Wan, Yoon Gun, Lee Sang In, Kim Bo Sung and more also took park in the games.

Idols have to be competitive to stay alive in the K-Pop industry and what better event is there to see an army of idols showing their passion and energy than these idol athletic competitions? It’s also a place where they get to mingle together, develop friendship and romantic relationships, chill and enjoy being young and at their top shape. Let’s take a look at some snapshots from this exciting day.

idol futsal 1

SHINee‘s Minho representing his “A” team and getting his game face on.

idol futsal 2

BTOB‘s Minhuk looks like he is the midst of conducting an opera.

idol futsal 3

My, my, Woohyun‘s legs. They do not match that baby face.

idol futsal 4

This photo makes me want to go all mom-mode and yell, “Straighten up that back!”

idol futsal 5

What is that furry thing behind Hoya‘s legs? A mic?

idol futsal 6

VIXX‘s Ravi matches his hair and jacket.

idol futsal 7

B1A4′s Baro once said on “Radio Star” that he is proud of his legs. I see why now.

idol futsal 8

C-Clown‘s Ray forms hearts for fans.

idol futsal 9

Hoya and Baro seem to have the same cut, different color.

idol futsal 10

BEAST‘s Yoon Doojoon, ever the leader.

idol futsal 11

EXO‘s Luhan and Xiumin– easily impressed.

Infinite‘s Woohyun- not so easily impressed.

idol futsal 12

Jewelry‘s Yewon always looks so cute.

idol futsal 13

Ladies’ Code‘s Sojung and miss A‘s Jia share an umbrella.

idol futsal soompi 3

Our idols giving out refreshments to fans. Sweet boys~

idol futsal 26

Idols have to be really careful not to get injured during these competitions. 

idol futsal 14

Woohyun and Hoya notice the camera.

idol futsal 15

Xiumin and Luhan don’t.

idol futsal 16

SHINee’s Minho and ZE:A‘s Dongjun have a quick chat. I imagine: “My team is better than yours.” “No it isn’t!”

idol futsal 17

After School‘s Lizzy and Raina in cheerleading outfits as the girl groups competed in a cheerleading competition.

idol futsal 18

Minho is very happy after a goal. I can imagine all the K-pop memes from this photo.

idol futsal 19

Luhan is also very happy, looking like he is about to perform a goal ceremony.

idol futsal 21

Luhan and Xiumin hug after their team’s success.

idol futsal 20

Doojoon and Secret‘s Hyosung make their pledges as reps to play clean and safe.

To find out the results of the various competition, check out the broadcast of MBC’s “Idol Futsal World Cup,” which is slated to air in early June.

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