Hyung Don and Dae Jun Challenges BIGBANG to Album Release Battle

The hip-hop duo, Hyung Don and Dae Jun, have challenged the idol group, BIGBANG.

In the recent episode of MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol,” Jung Hyung Don and Defcon hinted that a new album is being prepared. The two MC’s have formed a hip-hop duo as Hyung Don and Dae Jun and have released several songs. “Listen to our music when you’re feeling down and you’ll feel worse,” is what they’re famous for.

During this episode, Defcon challenged BIGBANG by saying, “We are going to release our album on the same day as BIGBANG.” Jung Hyung Don then added on by saying, “Let’s go at it, BIGBANG!”

The duo not only challenged BIGBANG, but they have challenged other idol groups such as BEAST and INFINTE, showing confidence in their skills as a hip-hop duo.

You can check out the duo challenging BIGBANG on May 28.