Gary to Hold a Fan Meeting in Hong Kong

Gary has been gaining a lot of attention lately with the release of his new song, “Your Scent,” and now, a fan meeting in Hong Kong has gotten the fans excited!

Since last year, Gary has been gaining a lot of popularity in China and for this fan meeting, it will be held at the Hong Kong shopping mall, Tseung Kwan O Metro City, on June 8.

It’s quite unusual for a hip-hop musician to hold a fan meeting overseas, however, through Leessang Company, many people from overseas are inquiring regarding future concerts and any activities.

Overseas fans who are interested in K-Pop will naturally be exposed to hip-hop that’s popular in Korea. Also, through the appearance on several variety shows, many Chinese fans have shown interest in hip-hop musicians. It has been revealed that Gary is gaining a lot of attention among the female fans.

After the release of “Your Scent,” the song has been placed first on Weibo on May 28. When he released his solo album “Mr. Gae,” it was in first place as well, which helped him gain a lot of popularity.