Gong Yoo Becomes a Handsome Barista in New Coffee CF

Recently, actor Gong Yoo transformed into a charming barista on the filming set for a Maxim KANU CF (commercial film).

On May 28, photos of the actor in a white shirt, black tie, and a clean-cut hairstyle were revealed. These cuts from the set of the CF are very reminiscent of Gong Yoo’s previous character of Choi Han Kyul from MBC’s 2007 popular drama “Coffee Prince.”

It has been reported that Gong Yoo, ever the ‘romantic guy,’ delivered the coffee that he brewed—after personally roasting and grinding coffee beans—to the female staff on set.

An official from the commercial shoot shared, “All of the female staff couldn’t help but fall in love after seeing Gong Yoo transform into a barista and participate in the entire process of roasting coffee. Also, many staff members who received the coffee made directly by Gong Yoo, said ‘It would be as waste to drink.’”

In other news, Gong Yoo is currently considering his next project.
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