ZE:A Releases Tracklist for New Mini Album “First Homme” with Member Compositions

Nine member boy group ZE:A heads closer and closer to the unveiling of their new mini album, “First Homme,” with the release of the album’s tracklist!

“First Homme” contains five tracks, including a title track “Breath” (working title). The title track, track number 3, is composed by Brave Brothers and Battle of the Stars. The lyrics are also so from Brave Brothers, with song arrangement by Battle of the Stars. The song is described as having a strong guitar sound and piano line, the latter of which is inspired by Euro-pop. The song promises to bring a new style to the K-pop scene, as well perfect ZE:A’s unique color.

ZE:A members also contributed to this album as lyricists and composers. Minwoo is listed as a lyricists for track number 2, “Crooked” (working title), Kevin for track number 5, “One,” and Park Hyungsik and Kevin are co-composers of the same track along with e.one.

“First Homme” drops June 2. The group will hold a showcase on June 3 and proceed on with music promotions.

zea first homme tracklist