Lee Seung Hwan Chooses G-Dragon as His Fashion Role Model

Veteran singer Lee Seung Hwan has expressed his keen interest in style and fashion.

The artist was a guest on the May 29 broadcast of OnStyle’s “Get It Style.” During the show, he talked about his personal style and shared some of his styling tips.

Although celebrities are known for having personal stylists that manage their wardrobes, Lee Seung Hwan revealed that he is in charge of his own outfits. Furthermore, he has dressed the members of his band, and even styled a photoshoot for a fashion magazine.

“I dress more natural for the small stages, but I go for a bit more flashy looks for the year-end concerts,” the singer described his approach to styling. 

Finally, he revealed his fashion role model, who is no other than G-Dragon, the representative fashionista of K-pop. 

lee seung hwan