Yoo In Young Shows Her Fit Figure for “Maps” Magazine

Actress Yoo In Young showed her fit figure in pictorials revealed by “Maps” magazine.

The photos were taken with the summer waves as the background, giving off a cool atmosphere. Yoo In Young is seen wearing a pink rash guard along with a swimsuit that matches the color.

Yoo In Young looked perfect even with sportswear. She used a surfing board and did a variety of poses to match the sportswear styling. She was able to show a different charm through photo shoot from her usual doll-like image.

The staff who was on the set complimented Yoo In Young by saying, “Yoo In Young was able to do a variety of poses and expressions very easily. She was able to show off her own charm and at the same time, show an innocent and healthy look, gaining admiration from the staff.”

Continuing on, they said, “Despite of the fact that she was in the water for a long time, she didn’t show any signs of being tired. She smiled throughout the photo shoot. Thanks to that, we were able to warp up the photo shoot in a good mood.”

Meanwhile, Yoo In Young is currently filming a movie called, “Veteran.”

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think!

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