Lee Kwang Soo will Show His Serious Side through Upcoming Film “Good Friends”

Actor Lee Kwang Soo is expected to show an unlikely side of himself through upcoming movie “Good Friends,” which is already garnering attention.

In crime drama “Good Friends,” Lee Kwang Soo will portray Minsoo, a friend stuck between doubt and trust as he gets involved in a crime along with his two best friends.

Although most well-known for his variety show appearances, Lee Kwang Soo has shown that he could take on diverse roles through his various acting projects like “Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire” and “Innocent Man.” Through “Good Friends,” he will once again challenge himself as he shows an utterly serious side to him with his character Minsoo.

Director of “Good Friends” Lee Do Yoon said, “Lee Kwang Soo knows exactly what he has to do for this movie. Minsoo is a difficult character but he plays him perfectly. He is an actor with big possibilities.”

“Good Friends” which also stars Ji Sung and Joo Ji Hoon, is scheduled to open in July.

Lee Kwang Soo Good Friends