SBS Variety Shows “Beating Hearts” and “Challenge 1000 Songs” Canceled

SBS‘ variety programming is going through changes, as it has canceled “Beating Hearts” and “Challenge 1000 Songs” while moving around many other shows.

The cancellation of “Beating Hearts” has especially met with much criticism. “Beating Hearts” was a public service program which featured celebrities joining real-life firefighters on missions. The show even carried out the “Miracle of Moses” campaign to encourage citizens to move their cars for ambulances and fire trucks. For the campaign, the show starred Park Ki Woong, Jo Dong Hyuk, Choi Woo Sik, Jun Hye Bin, and Jang Dong Hyuk, who personally took to the streets to shoot public service announcements and give out stickers.

The show was known for taking on serious social issues such as drunk driving and suicide. However, it was canceled due to its low ratings in the 2% range, along with member Park Ki Woong’s sudden military enlistment. The last episode will air on July 1. 

“Challenge 1000 Songs” was canceled after running for 14 years. Despite decent ratings, the lack of advertising sales led to its cancellation.