Two Posters Revealed for Seo In Gook’s New Drama “High School King”

tvN released two posters for upcoming drama “High School King” on May 30.

The two posters show the concept of the drama really well through its images. One poster shows two different characters played by Seo In Gook: young hockey star Lee Min Seok and talented businessman Lee Hyung Seok. The two are brothers, and the drama will tell the story of the 18-year old younger brother Lee Min Seok who has to pretend like his older brother in the business world.

The other poster shows Seo In Gook stuck between the two female leads, Lee Hana and Lee Yeol Eum. Lee Hana, who plays Seo In Gook’s love interest at the company, is seen trying to stop Lee Min Seok from telling the brothers’ secret. Meanwhile, Lee Yeol Eum, who plays a high school girl with feelings for Lee Min Seok, is trying to reveal Lee Min Seok’s identity as she pulls his jacket to reveal his high school name tag underneath.

The comedy drama went into productions in early May and is being described as an “office action comedy.” It will start airing on June 16.