2NE1’s CL Shows Support for Member Sandara Park as a Special Guest Radio DJ

2NE1’s Sandara Park and CL took a ‘proof shot’ together from their appearance on a radio show.

On May 31, Sandara Park posted on her personal Instagram account, “DJ Dara and guest CL…It was very embarrassing^^;;; It was strange seeing one another in a work setting but we both had a lot of fun~!!! The next time we get an opportunity, I want to invite all the members of 2NE1 and have a chaotic time! 2N-night~ ^_^,” along with a photo.

In the revealed picture, Sandara Park and CL can be seen posing together in the radio studio. Sandara, with a “Goodbye Dara DJ” headband on her head, and CL with a cute expression on her face, look very affectionate.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park has appeared as a special guest DJ starting on May 26, as a substitute for Yoo In Na, on KBS 2FM’s “Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume.”