Song Ji Hyo and Park Seo Joon Get Too Close for Gary's Comfort on

Today’s June 1 episode of the SBS Sunday variety show “Running Man” was an “Absolute Love Couple Race” featuring guest stars actors Park Seo Joon, Jin Se Yeon, Ha Yeon Soo, announcer Choi Hee, Girl’s Day‘s Minah, Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha, and model Han Hye Jin.

Unfortunately for “Monday Couple” fans, Gary and Song Ji Hyo were not a couple this episode, with the actress pairing up with Park Seo Joon. Gary was paired with Girl’s Day’s Minah.

One of the games the “Running Man” couples played was the ever popular “Pocky” game where a couple starts chewing up a pocky stick from opposite ends, trying to end up with the smallest piece possible to win. Instead of a pocky, “Running Man” used strips of pickled radish.

The Park Seo Joon and Song Ji Hyo couple faced off against the Ha Yeon Soo and Kim Jong Kook couple. Park Seo Joon and Song Ji Hyo started the game with fierce determination to win and ending up touching lips in order to leave only 4mm of the pickled radish. Song Ji Hyo exclaimed, “We are actors,” as a way to explain her and Park Seo Joon’s ability to overcome embarrassment at their “kiss.”

Running man park seo joon and song ji hyo

Even if it was game and there was no feelings involved, it was a Monday, and Song Ji Hyo’s “Monday Couple” partner, Gary, wasn’t the happiest of spectators while watching this game, sighing deeply out of frustration.

But Park Seo Joon and Song Ji Hyo were not even the strongest couple in this game, with Ha Yeon Soo and Kim Jong Kook showing even more determination to win. Yoo Jae Suk exclaimed at the end of Ha Yeon Soo and Kim Jong Kook’s round, “It’s pulp!” giving everyone a good idea of how close Ha Yeon Soo and Kim Jong Kook got.


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