Suzy and Roy Kim as Relationship Coaches in “The Contact 2014”

Suzy of girl group miss A and solo artist Roy Kim will be working together as relationship coaches in a variety show co-produced by cable channels OnStyle and XTM.

Called “The Contact 2014,” the new variety show is a reality TV program which will deal with the ups and downs of budding romantic relationships with a twist; the show will take a “analog” approach in contrast to today’s digital age, by having its participants communicate with each other with photos and hand-written letters, and not revealing each others’ faces. Three pairs on non-celebrities will participate in this show, getting to know each other through this old-style method of communication.

Roy Kim and Suzy are officially “storytellers,” narrating and discussing the motives and mentalities of the participants throughout the show. Suzy’s voice will be heard on XTM’s broadcast, while Roy Kim’s voice will be heard on OnStyle.

A teaser for the show as released which featured Roy Kim and Suzy answering the question, “Will you be able to love someone without knowing what he/she looks like?” Roy Kim answered, “I think I will daydream often. I will feel a lot of anticipation.” Suzy answered, “I don’t think I will be able to sleep because I’m so curious.”

“The Contact 2014” premieres June 13 at midnight on OnStyle and XTM.

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