NU’EST Members Take on Challenges for Web Series “NU’PAPA 14-Day Record”

Boy group NU’EST is taking on a 14-day challenge!

Called “NU’PAPA 14-day Record,” the Youtube series follows the members of NU’EST as they each take on a challenge for 14 days. Each member gets to choose their own challenge and will work hard to show fans their success.

The first day episode, uploaded onto NU’EST’s official Youtube account, reveals what challenges the members will take on for the 14 days. Baekho decides to diet during the 14 days, saying he knows the fans want to see him back to what he looked like during his younger days. JR decides to show fans how he does his rap making. Minhyun wants to be able to act in a drama this year so he decides to “donate” his voice to fans (such as narrating a book), which will also act as his pronunciation practice. Ren, because he likes fashion, will show fans his transformation, what kind of style he likes, and how he takes care of his looks. Aron is learning Korean these days, but finds writing it hard. He will take on the challenge of writing a love letter to fans in Korean as a way of practicing his writing.

Check out the first episode below and follow NU’EST’s 14-day challenge through their official Youtube account!

Good luck, NU’EST!