Eric Nam and Hoya Take a Charming Selfie Together

Singer Eric Nam and Infinite‘s Hoya recently took a very charming selfie together during a recording of “After School Club.”

On June 3, through Eric Nam’s Instagram, he uploaded the picture along with a short message that said, “With Hoya at ASC.”

Within the revealed photo, Eric Nam and Hoya are showing off their good looks by staring into the camera. Eric Nam is smiling brightly for the camera while Hoya is seen posing with a “V.” Their smiles and good looks is good enough to make this picture look good. A simple picture like this is enough to capture the heart of any woman.

Meanwhile, Eric Nam released his single album, “Ooh Ooh,” last month on April 8 while INFINITE released their full-length album, “Season 2,” on May 21.