Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Tiffany Take a Set of Cute Pictures Together

The members of Girls’ Generation Yuri and Tiffany recently shared a selfie that is full of cuteness and beauty.

On June 3, Yuri uploaded the adorable pictures on her Instagram with a message that said, “Hani time w. Prince’s mom(; [sic].”

Within the revealed pictures, Yuri and Tiffany post for the camera, along with Tiffany’s dog Prince. From a picture where they’re both smiling brightly to one where they’re sticking their tongue out, the girls are showing various facial expressions that show their cute charms. Along with their cute charms, their flawless skin and beauty can be seen through the selfies.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will be attending the “2014 Dream Concert” that will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on June 7. Many other K-Pop idols will be attending the concert as well.