Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA Reveals Narsha Has Recently Broken Up

On the upcoming June 7 broadcast of E-Channel‘s “Love Pawnshop,” Narsha will appear as a temporary MC in place of the usual MC Kim Kyung Ran.

“Love Pawn Shop” is a program specializing in break-ups, sharing break-up stories and advice. MC Jung Hyung Don asked Narsha if she has ever had a break-up, and Narsha replied, “If you haven’t gone through a break-up, you can’t sing love songs.”

Narsha’s group member JeA then proceeded to declare that “Narsha broke up recently,” adding, “According to ‘BEG tabloids,’ it hasn’t been too long.”

Narsha responded confidently to JeA’s exposé, stating, “You forget love through love,” and Llove will never end for me,” charming the MCs of the show. 

The upcoming episode of “Love Panwshop” with Narsha as the guest MC will air on June 7 on E-Channel.