Davichi Brings a New Sound with “Page One” Title Track, “Again” (MV)

Talented vocal duo Davichi is back with their new mini album, “Page One,” and the music video for title track “Again” ( also known as “Meeting After Breaking Up”).

The song is produced by Brave Brothers, and it is their first time working together as producer and artist. The song strays away from Davichi’s usual style, and mixes their emotional voices with an edgier sound by the Brave Brothers. While anyone will be able to enjoy the sound, those who experienced a long term relationship will be able to relate to the words of the song. 

The music video starts off with the narration, “We three seem like one. That is why sometimes we are,” foreshadowing a complicated relationship and sad story. The female actress is none other than F-ve Dolls‘ Seunghee. Check out the video below.