BEAST Announces Date for Pre-Release Ballad Track with Teaser Video

BEAST, who is looking at the release of their new mini album on June 16, previously announced that they would be releasing a ballad track ahead of the mini album, in what has become a tradition for the group. 

BEAST previously released the ballad “Rainy Days” before their title dance track “Fiction” in 2011 and “Will You Be Alright?” ahead of their 2012′s “”Shadow” to much success and popularity. “Rainy Days” even placed BEAST on top of music charts without direct promotions.

BEAST is heating up the atmosphere for the release of the highly anticipated ballad with a teaser video today that shows the group’s history of pre-release ballads. Also in the video is the release date for the ballad track, which is June 10, six days before the mini album.


Earlier in the day, BEAST also unveiled a teaser image for the album. Check it out here if you haven’t already.