Jung Woo Sung’s Icy Muscles Revealed in Stills for Upcoming Film “Divine Move”

Jung Woo Sung’s fit body and “Icy Muscles” have been revealed through still cuts of the upcoming movie “Divine Move.

This action movie is about professional Go player who is framed for murder. It will be released next month on July 3.

In the stills that were revealed on June 5, Jung Woo Sung’s ice-like, solid muscles were revealed in the first teaser of the movie. Jung Woo Sung and Choi Jin Hyuk’s “CG Muscles” captured the attention of many people through their fit body figures.

Many have expressed their curiosity as Tae Suk, played by Jung Woo Sung, and Sun Soo, played by Choi Jin Hyuk, are seen playing Go in an ice storage, suggesting some kind of competition between the two.

In the other still cuts that were revealed, Jung Woo Sung is seen making a expression that’s as cold as the ice storage he’s in. At the production conference, the actors explained about their action training and their efforts to keep their body fit.

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