Kim Jaejoong and Baek Jin Hee Take Cute Selfies on the Set of “Triangle”

On June 5, the staff of MBC‘s “Triangle” revealed cute selfies of Kim Jaejoong and Baek Jin Hee, who have been showing great compatibility in the drama as Heo Young Dal and Oh Jung Hee, also known as the “Dalhee” couple.

Kim Jaejoong and Baek Jin Hee are receiving a lot of love from the viewers of the drama because their acting as a couple within the drama makes it seem like they’re a real couple. According a staff member, both actors take care of each other as if they were siblings. It could be because they think of each other that way that they are able to give back hugs and lean on each other.

Meanwhile, the story of “Triangle” focuses on the story of three brothers who were separated at a young age due to a tragic incident and are later reunited. 

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