“Doctor Stranger” is Gaining Popularity in China

SBS’s drama, “Doctor Stranger,” is not only popular in Korea, but in China as well.

The license for the drama was acquired by the Chinese video website, Youku, and has since provided service to several Chinese download sites and file sharing sites as well.

From the 10 episodes that have been aired, it is averaging 123 million views. On another Chinese video website Tudou, the average view count is about 25 million views.

Youku viewers have also given “Doctor Stranger” a high rating score of 9.6, showing the affection they have for the drama and proving its popularity among the Chinese viewers.

The drama’s content could be the reason why the drama is so popular in China. Starring popular actors, the show combines medical and spy drama concepts together with a melodramatic story.

Director Jin Hyuk is well known in China due to previously working on “City Hunter” and “Master’s Sun.” The main cast, played by Lee Jong Suk, Jin Se Yeon, Park Hae Jin and Kang Sora, is also receiving much love in China.