Taeyang Reveals the Heartbreaking Hit Track “Eyes, Nose, Lips” Tells His Story

In the making video for “Rise” album title track, “Eyes, Nose, Lips,”that was released overnight in Korea, Taeyang reveals that the heartbreaking hit track contains his story.

“Eyes, Nose, Lips,” a love song that portrays the longing one feels after breaking up, is a song that listeners can feel his sincerity, Taeyang discloses, as it tells his story. 

Taeyang continues in the commentary to describe that the song and music video doesn’t focus on performance and spectacular visuals; rather, it expresses his emotions more truthfully in a simple and minimal manner to reach listeners.

Taeyang explains that rather than trying hard to tell some story, he just wrote down the feelings he felt at that time; thus, the honesty in the lyrics and his singing.

The song will show a new side to Taeyang, as “Eyes, Nose, Lips” doesn’t emphasize the performance part. Taeyang states, “This song is like destiny.”